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Re: Why 2 dhclient processes running for eth0 (IPv4)?

On Fri, Mar 10, 2017 at 06:58:30PM +0800, Clark Wang wrote:
> > There are 2 `dhclient` processes running for `eth0` (IPv4). Rebooting does
> > not help for me.
> >
> Anyone else has the same problem?

I think I have sometimes seen this, but I do not know what provokes it. The most
likely explanation is installing more than one network management system and/or
leaving more than one configured. So for example I have had ifupdown and wicd both
attempt to manage interfaces.

If you look at the parent PID for the dhclient instances, you might get some clues.
(ps -eaf --forest for example, or pstree(1))

Jonathan Dowland
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