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Re: why??why?why??

On 10/03/17 02:09, Shahryar Afifi wrote:
why o why...
why debian keeps getting fancier like other operating system.

Because the upstream developers and maintainers of the software in Debian continue to develop their software.

debian is a linux machine, not some toy like apple.

A great many people engaged in creative endeavours would dispute your classification of Apple's software as a toy; to them, it is a tool for getting their job done or indulging in their hobby.

we dont need gnome 3 taking too much ram, in fact we dont need any graphical runtime.

jessie and stretch do not force you to use GNOME 3. Debian jessie contains an assortment of graphical environments, including traditional X11 window managers (e.g. FVWM), non-traditional X11 window managers (e.g. awesome), and at least four "desktop environments" (LXDE, XFCE, KDE, GNOME).

And indeed, some users of Debian don't need any "graphical runtime" (which is a very ambiguous phrase that will mean different things to different people). Those users are not required to install one.

they dont wanna support  the poor wheezy for what ??? and why ??

Supporting old versions of Debian consumes scarce skilled labour.

its the most stable OS ever.. thats why they called it old stable.

No, they *currently* call wheezy 'oldstable' because it is the version immediately before jessie, the current 'stable'. When stretch becomes 'stable', jessie will become 'oldstable' and wheezy will cease to be 'oldstable'.

why cant i add libpam-fprindt 1:0.5 to my wheezy so i can run my fingerprint ??

For whatever reason, the volunteer(s) responsible for maintaining libfprint, fprintd, and libpam-fprintd did not feel that preparing packages of version 0.5 of that software for the wheezy-backports repository was a worthwhile use of their limited time. Maybe they just didn't feel like it; maybe it would have involved dragging in too many other things. I can't read minds and I haven't examined the software in question, so I don't know.

You might, of course, be able to build a local package of version 0.5 for wheezy yourself if you care enough to learn how. It probably isn't very difficult - but maybe it *is* very difficult for some reason, in which case the attempt would make you understand why the Debian maintainer didn't package it for wheezy-backports...

why nautilus in jessie is so fancy ??

Ask the upstream maintainers. They're the people who made it "so fancy", whatever that means.

Alternatively, consider whether a different file manager would suit your needs better. The developers of GNOME and GTK+ have made an assortment of design decisions over the years that I find... questionable at best, even before GNOME 3 came out.

when i work on my wheezy, everything is just right even when they say "its init and PID runs one by one" so what.. its a computer and should look like and act like a computer.
i dont wanna give up my reliability to some fancy mancy..

jessie and stretch do not require you to use systemd as your init daemon or service manager. If using a different init daemon or service manager (or indeed *no service manager at all*) causes incorrect operation that is not the result of user error, then that is a bug in Debian and should be reported.