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Re (2): MTI camera and Hauppauge PVR-150 framegrabber.

*	From: Dan Ritter dsr@randomstring.org3
*	Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2017 18:11:51 -0500
> I would start with making sure the cable to the camera is good,

Tried three different coax cables.  All give essentially the window 
illustrated in http://easthope.ca/MTItoPVR150screen.jpg .  Bright 
strip at the top; black below. 

> ... then check that you've set the right input.

When the camera is powered on and off the pattern in the bright strip 
changes.  Video mute makes the same change.  Composite 1 must be 

> There are a lot of settings that are available to tweak with 
> v4l2-ctl; it's in the v4l-utils  package, if you haven't 
> installed that yet.

Installed it yesterday.  Have read all the settings in the V4L2 Test 
Bench and  understand about 1/3 rd of them.  Haven't yet studied 
settings in v4l2-ctl.

The "General Settings" in the V4L2 Test Bench are understandable. 
Several of them are set automatically and consistent with specs on the 
JVC camera.  Seems there should be a reasonable output image rather 
than just a white strip above black.  

There is no switch or trimmer on the Hauppauge card to be set wrong.  
Wondering about a faulty card.  Tempted to get another from the store.  
If it gives the same output, I'll be more convinced of a problem in 
software configuration.

Thanks for the help.  This has become a non-trivial problem,

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