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Re: Some help with dd backing up into an iso


GiaThnYgeia wrote:
> Is something wrong?  
> -rw-r--r--  1 user     458752 Mar  9 00:08 usb_part1.iso

That's much too small for any backup with substance.
What do you get from

  xorriso -indev usb_part1.iso -find / -exec lsdl --

Is the USB stick content visible underneath
at all ?

If the mount point was really a link, one would have to enable link
following at least for files which are given as program arguments:

  xorriso \
  -for_backup \
  -follow default:param \
  -outdev usb_part1.iso \
  -map /mnt/usb-Kingston_DataTraveler_3.0_08606E69C773BFC06965007B-0:0-part1 /

But with default -follow settings you would have gotten an error message:
  xorriso : FAILURE : Source '/mnt/usb-...' is not a directory. Target '' would be.

So i assume that the USB stick content was simply not available under
the /mnt/usb-... directory.

Have a nice day :)