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BIOS Settings for Fake-RAID

At https://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/SataRaid are these words:

Not to be confused with the Linux kernel's software RAID feature (Multidisk Device). This is the preferable and more reliable method to establish software RAID arrays.
See the Debian installation guide for more information.

followed by these instructions:

Use the following method only if you want to have a dual-boot system with Debian and the other operating system on the same Serial ATA RAID:
Set up your fake RAID in the BIOS (see owners manual).

I don't want a dual-boot setup. So I went to look at the Debian installation guide, which doesn't tell me to do anything one way or the other with fake RAID in the BIOS. I would assume that since I don't want to dual-boot, and therefore don't want fake RAID, but rather only the Linux kernel's software RAID, that I should turn off RAID in my BIOS (UEFI, actually), but when I did so, my installation of Jessie wound up being a little different than what the manual says, and resulted in a non-booting system.

So my question: If I don't want to use the BIOS's Fake RAID, and want to use only the Linux kernel's software RAID, do I want to turn RAID off in the BIOS, or leave it on? (I'm expecting to have other issues after solving this one, but I gotta start with the most basic question before I can move forward.)


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