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Re: why does latest jessie apache2 reject _ in http request path

sf@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

> > Why is it that if I have _ in my segment, apache2 rejects the request
> > without 'HttpProtocolOptions strict'?
> Try setting
> Loglevel core:debug http:debug
> and look if the error log provides more information.

Thanks for your help.  The above didn't show all headers, but I found
the bug in the curl function call of the client:

	curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER,
	  array('Content-Type: text/xml',
	    'POST $location HTTP/1.0',
 	    'Host: $site',

The last line should of course be:

        'Host: ' . $site,

Otherwise the header looks like this:

Host: $site

which then gets rejected due to the $ char in hostname.

-- Juha