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Re: Some help with dd backing up into an iso


i wrote:
> > It has its use cases. E.g. before you put a Debian installation ISO
> > onto an USB stick, it can be used to backup the old stick content

David Wright wrote:
> Why would you now copy the old stick content onto the stick again?

When you no longer need the installation ISO because the installation
is done, wouldn't it be nice to get the DOS formatted USB stick back
for carrying files between computers ?

A plain dd copy of the stick provides boot sector, partitioning,
filesystem, and data file content in one sweep. No fdisk, no mkfs,
no grub-install, no restoring of a backup archive needed.

> That's what the OP wrote that they did, in order to "test the validity".

Since she or he knows punching cards, i assume that there is knowledge
of Murphy's Law, too.

> ¹We had two glitches yesterday evening as the tornadoes went by.

I have a UPS between power provider and computer. Murphy's law ...

Have a nice day :)