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Re: Some help with dd backing up into an iso


tomás wrote:
> But yes dd is a dinosaur from olden times where block sizes were a
> thing

It is also about EBCDIC and byte sex. Last century's topics.
Love, 36 bit, and punched cards.

David Wright wrote:
> no one has pointed out the recklessness of the
> action in the first place.
> Making a backup and then immediately copying it back over the top of
> the original is an obvious recipe for data-loss.

It has its use cases. E.g. before you put a Debian installation ISO
onto an USB stick, it can be used to backup the old stick content and
will also show by hardware blinking that you got the right device path.

Of course one should not do this with valuable data unless one knows
that those data got spoiled between backup and restore.

Have a nice day :)