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Re: Some help with dd backing up into an iso

* GiaThnYgeia <GiaThnYgeia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2017-03-07 00:11 +0000]:

> I am not very confident I am doing this right and it seems wrong,  I
> can't locate any documentation that results into proper options.
> I tried backing up an 8gb USB that has 2 partitions in it, one had 1.7gb
> of data on it.
> I used dd if=/dev/sdb of=usbfilename.iso
> The resulting image was the full size of the disk.

/dev/sdX is always the whole device. If you want the two partitions
sepearated you have to choose /dev/sdXA, which in your case should
be /dev/sdb1 and /dev/sdb2 I assume.

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