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No network and update notifications on Gnome desktop


I am using Debian Stretch on both of my laptops. I use Gnome desktop. I have installedd all updates available.

For some reason I do not get any network notifications. If I e.g connect to wifi network, disconnect from it or if the connection just gets  disconnected for some reason then I do not get any notification. That is not good.

 Notifications are activated in the Gnome settings. Network application notifications are also activated. I have activated both  sound alerts and notification banners.  I get no sound alerts and no notification banners. The same happens on both of my laptops.

I am blind so it is difficult for me to try to solve this. I have no idea in which package the problem is.

I have noticed one thing. When I go to Network's notification settings (Gnome desktop's settings: Settings->Notifications->Network)and switch the notification banner on or o ff then Orca says "Not pressed Not pressed" or "Pressed Pressed". So it says two times "Not pressed" or "Pressed". The does not happen if I switch notifacation banners on or off for some other application, it happens only if I change Network's notification settings. Maybe this is a sign of bug somewhere.

I do get e.g e-mail notifications from Mailnag etc.

Similarly I also do not get anysoftware update notifications. When there is updates available I do not get any notification. I have noticed that even  if there really is updates available I get no notification about that. It does not seem to matter if my computer is connected to wifi or mobile broadband. The same happens on both of my laptops. This is not good at all.

There really should be both network and update notifications, those are important part of desktop.

I do not know if it somehow causes problems that I have both Gnome and Mate desktop installed. I really do not know how could that cause the problem, and as I said I do get e.g e-mail notifications from Mailnag I will most likely uninstall Mate at some point because I like Gnome more. I do not really use Mate .

Any idea what is wrong? Thanks in advance.