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Installation issues - Synaptic/packaging bugs and/or confused operator

I don't have I would call a succinct problem description.
I will list chronologically what I did with what DID NOT happen that "should" have happened.

1. I have been attempting to use multistrap. I have suspicions that I have configuration problems. This is not the subject of this thread, but only stated for context.

2. I used Synaptic's search function to find multistrap related packages. The only one that came up was libconfig-model-perl. It's description and homepage [https://github.com/dod38fr/config-model/wiki] had at least a partial solution to my problems. They said it had a configuration model and editor for multistrap.

3. I installed it. The Synaptic description had said it provided (or could provide) a graphical user interface (with libconfig-model-tkui-perl). Checking showed that libconfig-model-tkui-perl had been installed. *NOTHING* had shown up in any MATE menu. Further checking showed that *NEITHER* Tk *NOR* Tcl had been installed. I installed both. *NEITHER* showed up in any menu. I can execute tclsh8.6 in a MATE terminal. I haven't used Tcl/Tk in quite a while and will have to go to my Windows machine to refresh my memory on how Tk is launched.

How do I use libconfig-model-perl to configure multistrap?
What additional information is needed to resolve my problems?