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Re: Issues with KDE from Debian Stretch [was: Upgrading Jessie to Stretch]


On 05/03/17 00:21, Daniel Bareiro wrote:

> Now I have some issues with KDE. I'm not sure if it have to do with the
> video driver, but when I open an application or interact with KDE, the
> image starts shaking and some areas turn black. Below a screenshot.
> https://ibin.co/3ETGMDNvhA2G.png
> https://ibin.co/3ETGUxOa9reG.png
> Thank you in advance for your help.

I think to have solved this.

In System Setting -> Hardware -> Display and Monitor -> Compositor, I
change the tearing prevention to "Full screen repaints".

Maybe this can be useful to someone else.

Kind regards,

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