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alexa-app-server problem

Has anyone had success using alexa-app-server?

I got a clone from https://github.com/matt-kruse/alexa-app-server.git, used apt-get install npm nodejs and ran npm install. There were a bunch of warnings of programs wanting node 0.10.32 and getting node 0.10.29 but nothing was marked as a fatal error. In the directory alexa-app-server/examples I created the files index.js and package.json to get a Hello World response. When I ran nodejs server the program aborted from loading apps with the message


   return path.posix.normalize(path.posix.join('/', apiPath));

wiith a ^ pointing at the j in join and the message

TypeError: Cannot call method 'join' of undefined.

I assume the problem is the need to install the server with a newer version of node. I found node v6.10.0 at nodejs.org so the Jessie version must be way out of date.

I am just learning java and javascript and trying to learn to write an Echo app by rote and making heavy weather of it. If anyone can give me a boost with this problem I would really appreciate it.