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Re: No sound-inputs but sound recording FMIT


Gene Heskett:
> On Sunday 05 March 2017 15:18:00 GiaThnYgeia wrote:
>> Back to shanity, how does a microphone produce an electrical wave that
>> can be translated into sound and how a wave may take the form of
>> electrical current that produces sound through a speaker? 
> Very simple. With the glaring exception of the modern AC induction motor 
> that in 99% of the stuff we buy, ANY other generator can also be used as 
> a motor, including the ultra cheap electret condenser microphones, ditto 
> any speaker, including the peizo tweeters, is also a microphone.  Its 
> part of the basic physics everything we use works by.

So, are you saying the standard motherboard beeper/speaker (the one that
beeps when you hit too many keys at once or that bios is telling you I
am booting up ... any minute now beeeeepp) is a microphone that feeds
sound back into the system and mysteriously debian is allowing it to be
recognized as an input device.

I do not claim to have reinvented the wheel here, but how can this be
acceptable if it does hold any truth?

> Cheers, Gene Heskett


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