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Re: Recomended tutoial(s) on doing arithmetic in Bash scripts

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On Sun, Mar 05, 2017 at 12:10:43PM -0600, Richard Owlett wrote:


> How about the whole app <grin>
> You solved my problem with one line.

Glad it helped :)


> I needed to report the number of bytes downloaded for each portion
> of a project [...]

Let me pick a nit...

> mystring=$(echo $(grep "usb0" /proc/net/dev))

This should be equivalent to

  mystring=$(grep "usb0" /proc/net/dev)


  - grep "usb0"/proc/net/dev
    spits out the line(s) containing the pattern "usb0"

  - the $(...) around it expands it in the shell inline

  - the echo spits that again out to stdout

  - the $(...) around it expands it again in-line

So unless the expansion is doing anything funky (which we won't hope,
but see below), you can unwrap the outer $(echo ...).

Now the second nit: I'm not sure whether there's a case when the
unquoted $(...) might undergo a further expansion by the shell,
so it's prudent to quote it, like so:

  mystring="$(grep "usb0" /proc/net/dev)"

(I know, my example wasn't... exemplar in this respect, but I knew
I was only getting plain numbers and I was kind of lazy: bad tomás)

> Someone on another group wanted me to use LibreOffice Calc ;/

Might work, but don't ask me how :-/
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