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Re: Upgrading Jessie to Stretch

Lisi Reisz wrote:
> On Saturday 04 March 2017 22:16:49 Sven Joachim wrote:
>> Your best bet is probably to just try "apt-get dist-upgrade" and if that
>> does not work, file a bug against the upgrade-reports pseudopackage.
> As general advice to the nervous among us, does one 1) wait a bit; or 2) do a 
> fresh install and move data across?

 sometimes i check release docs and/or errata:

 produced via:


  i had the major changes go through so long ago 
that i don't even remember it happening (the blessing
of senility ?  :) )

  because i keep a second bootable partition a
few versions back i am a bit more brave/stupid
at times and just do the usual routine:


  $ apt-get update
  $ apt-get upgrade

  # and then see what is held back before doing the
  $ apt-get dist-upgrade

  # if the dist-upgrade reports a ton of changes i
  # might break it down into steps like doing the
  # kernel and basic tools first (by naming the
  # individual packages on the apt-get install)

  # once in a while during the past few months there
  # have been RC bugs files which made me hold some
  # packages for a few weeks to a month or so but 
  # eventually those were resolved and nothing has
  # popped up in the past few weeks.

# songbird