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bad console-setup results in Stretch

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Can someone explain how to get the framebuffer vttys to use the same font rpm distro kernels use by default for framebuffer bootup messages? All rpm distros AFAIK use the same one. AFAICT, no rpm distros use anything directly corresponding to Debian's console-setup, and their vtty font is far superior to the ugly non-bolded fonts I've most often seen Debians use.

I just did a dist-upgrade from Jessie to Stretch. Before running it, I commented out the CODESET, FONTFACE and FONTSIZE lines in /etc/default/console-setup, then made the file immutable. This produced a perfect post-upgrade result except for one thing: every run of apt/apt-get/aptitude resulted in a failure message due to inability to write the file. I got tired of that message, and reset the file writable. Now the framebuffer fonts are as bad as I've ever seen it whether set to Terminus, TerminusBold, TerminusBoldVGA or Fixed, with Terminus and Fixed by far the worst. I can't distinguish any difference between TerminusBold and TerminusBoldVGA.

A good example of the rpm font face superiority is the capital "R". The Debian TerminusBold font is top heavy with no serifs. The rpm font is decently balanced top to bottom, and the left top and left bottom have tiny serifs flagging to the left. Apparently lat9w-16.psfu is what produces this on openSUSE, as it is contained in /etc/sysconfig/console: 'CONSOLE_FONT="lat9w-16.psfu"', which is from /usr/share/kbd/consolefonts/lat9w-16.psfu.gz.

Font height is a non-issue. 16 tall is just right.

Is there some other console font package than is in a default installation I can install in Stretch to do better? Something else?
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