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Re: Printing packages

On Sat 04 Mar 2017 at 20:12:49 +0000, Lisi Reisz wrote:

> Why, since you are using aptitude, not keep things simple? You actually want 
> to run CUPS, so <$ aptitude search cups>, then gulp and <$aptitude search 
> cups | less.>, which will give you all the packages with cups in the name.
> Or in Jessie, <$aptitude show cups>, but for that you need to know, or try 
> guessing, that cups is a meta-package, which it may not be in Sid.  So start 
> with aptitude search and read patiently through what it says.

Good advice and I know you like to learn things too. cups is not a
metapackage. Removing a metapackage does not remove the packages it
installed. Try

  apt-get purge cups

Don't say "yes"!