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Re: [SOLVED = YES thnx2Frank] www.deb-multimedia.org testing or stretch Release' does not have a Release file


> Op 04-03-17 om 16:59 schreef GiaThnYgeia:
>> http://www.deb-multimedia.org/dists testing Release' does not have a
>> Release file
>> The repository 'http://www.deb-multimedia.org/dists testing Release'
>> does not have a Release file.
> What does your deb-multimedia entry in sources.list look like exactly?
> These two lines suggest apt is looking for the Release file of a
> component called 'Release' in the suite 'testing'

I tried that dists on my own in case that was the problem, but it made
no difference /dists or nothing after org, stretch or testing, same result.

>> In the instructions it says once you open the directory download the
>> multimedia keyring
> Alternatively - if you really can't get hold of the keys - put [
> trusted=yes ] between 'deb' and the url, e.g.:

This is getting too secure for me, I couldn't even import the downloaded
key file verified and through an encrypted channel...

But your trick worked, imported the multimdedia-key rerun without the
[trusted=yes] tag and all is OK

Thank you, you made a waste of a day receive high value.  I now have the
other half of the weekend to investigate why all my multimedia packages
have multimedia-upgrades/revisions within testing.

> deb [ trusted=yes ] http://www.deb-multimedia.org testing main non-free

OK, it worked, but what was the issue would I ever know?  Too many keys
in the keyring? I don't think so.  Just for kicks I added some other
distributions repository (testing based) and it didn't have such a
problem.  Maybe some public key-certificate somewhere where multimedia
is not registered yet as trustworthy?

> Regards,
> Frank

Thank you again, you really made my day, I was going mad with this
thinking it is a much deeper problem.

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