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Re: Stretch & Safely Replacing systemd? AntiX

GiaThnYgeia wrote:
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AntiX
> [antiX is a Linux distribution, originally based on MEPIS, which itself
> is based on the Debian stable distribution. It initially replaced the
> MEPIS KDE desktop environment with the Fluxbox and IceWM window
> managers, making it suitable for older, less powerful x86-based systems.
> Unlike Debian, antiX is "proudly systemd-free".[this quote needs a
> citation] systemd does not support old hardware very well due to its
> virtualization-based development.]

  MATE and lightdm work well for my older machine with systemd.

  i'm running up to date debian testing.  i haven't had any 
major issues other than when systemd was first installed.