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FIXED [Re: HELP - windows disappear completely when minimized]

On 03/04/2017 05:30 AM, Richard Owlett wrote:
I am using Jessie (8.6.0) with MATE installed from purchased DVD set.
The problem is associated with a single user. This was verified two
ways. Logged in as root, there is no problem. Created a new user and
then logged in to that user, no problem.

In normal operation, for each application launched its window opens and
a title appears in the lower panel. These "titles" are ordered left to
right in the panel.  When several are open, clicking a title brings that
application to the foreground. When an application is minimized an
animation of a shrinking box moves from the app to its associated title.

In this ABNORMAL situation:
When an application is opened, no title appears in the lower panel.
When it is minimized, the animated box shrinks and disappears past the
right end of the lower panel.

I strongly suspect "operator error".
What did I do?
How do I recover?

Still don't know how I messed it up.
The solution was to search for "Window List" in the "Add to Panel" applet.
Add it ;)

Additional education imparted when first try at adding place it in "wrong" position on panel. I then "added" it to intended position, but found no way to "remove from panel" the extra.

My solution was to delete the panel and start over ;/