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Re: A minimal relational database in Debian

On 2017-03-03, Joe Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> I also hit (and mentioned in a previous post) the 130% limit. I got
>> there by going to TOOLS/OPTIONS/VIEW/SCALING. What effect did your font
>> manipulation have on the HELP files (because that's what we're talking
>> about here, actually).
> Hmmm, I just tried it (my version of LibreOffice is 1:5.2.5-1) and was
> able to scale well past that; I took it up to 200%.  Just a warning for
> others, the position of the spin button appears to be fixed; at 200%
> scaling the label covered almost all of it, and I was just barely able
> to click the "down" button to recover my usual 100% scale.

I have version 1:3.5.4+dfsg2-0, so I guess you have an upscale version.

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