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No sound-inputs but sound recording FMIT

I don't see how the previous got linked to a previous thread so I am
reposting with additional clarification.

OK, I did some testing on an other machine with a testing installation,
downloaded FMIT (an instrument tuner that will pickup audio input/analog
and tell you all kinds of stuff about the wave that is fed).
Same exact behavior, hardware only lists two audio inputs and are both
unplugged.  The lower the db threshold for sound recording the more
apparent the sound becomes.  Each knock on the box shows corresponding
amplification of that noise.

Ok, so I picked up 2-3 live debian based USB sticks I have.  I plugged
then in to 3 different machines, downloaded FMIT and run it.  Similar
results.  So it has nothing to do with my configuration of stuff.  I say
if some software is picking up sound from your environment and records
it when no inputs are plugged in I would call this a "security" issue
not a malfunction.

What is there MORE to post so it can be reproduced?  Blank live debian
installations adding FMIT in 3 machines Jessie + Stretch (one on UPS,
one on mains-plug, on laptop) if you allow it to see a wide spectrum of
frequencies it records noise (mostly hi-freq) and only hardware inputs
are unplugged.  Where is the noise coming from?

It probably has nothing to do with the program itself but its
dependencies and some code feeding in wrong data as audio input.  But it
is actual sound

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