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Re: CD Audio - sometimes provided as vfs by the kernel?

Le duodi 12 ventôse, an CCXXV, Dominik George a écrit :
> Taking a closer look, I found that the drive was unexpectedly provided
> as a USB mass storage device as /dev/sdc, with a partition containing a
> FAT filesystem and RIFF audio / WAV files.
> Now, I am using a USB CD-ROM drive, and eventually found out that, usng
> the USB port on the *right* hand side of my laptop, I get thie virtual
> mass storage device, and using the USB port on the *left* hand side, I
> get a /dev/sr0 device I can read CDDA from, as usual.
> I am running Debian sid with kernel 4.9.0-2 on amd64.

Seeing what appears in the kernel's output when you plug in each port
would probably be interesting. The output of lsusb -v that related to
the drive too.

> I never saw the Linux kernel do something like this. Does anyone know
> since when, and under what circumstances, it does that, how I can
> control it, and why it depends on the USB port used?

I had heard modules to provide virtual PCM files for audio CDs, but it
is usually considered a bad idea, since reading reliably an audio CD
requires a lot of care (the "paranoia" in "cdparanoia").

(I am pretty sure we are not related ;-)


  Nicolas George

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