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Re: CD Audio - sometimes provided as vfs by the kernel?

On 03/02/2017 11:30 AM, Dominik George wrote:

I just tried to tip an audio CD, like I did hundreds of times before. I
tried to run ripit, and it complained that there was no audio CD

Taking a closer look, I found that the drive was unexpectedly provided
as a USB mass storage device as /dev/sdc, with a partition containing a
FAT filesystem and RIFF audio / WAV files.

Now, I am using a USB CD-ROM drive, and eventually found out that, usng
the USB port on the *right* hand side of my laptop, I get thie virtual
mass storage device, and using the USB port on the *left* hand side, I
get a /dev/sr0 device I can read CDDA from, as usual.

I am running Debian sid with kernel 4.9.0-2 on amd64.

I never saw the Linux kernel do something like this. Does anyone know
since when, and under what circumstances, it does that, how I can
control it, and why it depends on the USB port used?

You might check your user manual to see if one side is USB 2.0 and the other USB 3.0. That might make a difference. Ric

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