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Re: Security hole in LXDE?

Checked my system again. 
It looks like have allowed the standard user to execute applications like 
synaptic with root rights. I know, this is going to be asked in KDE, when you 
start  a higher privileged application as a normal user. You can then decide 
(as root), if the user is allowed to start this application as normal user in 
the future.

I also found out, that the user is in group "sudo", but got no entry in /etc/

Also, synaptic starts as synaptic-psexec, what means, that when it is startd 
this way, it is started with root rights.

So, my question: How can I get this all back. A graphical solution is 
preferred, of course I knnow, I can edit /etc/groups and other things 
manually. But if there is a "clicky"-way, this will be preferred.

Thank you for any help and all the knowledge, you gave me.

Best regards