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Re: upgraded config files in /lib/systemd/system

Marc Auslander <marcslists@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dominique Dumont <dod@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> On Tuesday, 28 February 2017 14:01:18 CET Harald Dunkel wrote:
>>> short question about /lib/systemd/system: AFAICS the config
>>> files here are supposed to be overridden by local config files
>>> in /etc/systemd/system, using the same path, as described in
>>> systemd.unit(5)
>>> How can I make sure that there is a conflict dialog at upgrade
>>> time, if I have to modify the unit file shipped with my package?

>> I don't understand why a change in /lib/systemd/system should trigger a 
>> conflict warning.
>> Either you have changed a value not modified by end user and there's no conflict

> IIRC in the "old" world, if you had a modified version of a config
> file and an update modified the original released version, you got a
> warning and a dialog which let you decide how to proceed.

> The question is whether or not you will get such a warning using the
> described method of modifying a config file by publishing a new
> version in the override directory.

If you copied the *whole* unit from /lib/systemd/system/foobar.service
to /etc/systemd/system/foobar.service, then you have been using the
override system the wrong way.

The correct (and documented) way is to

1) create /etc/systemd/system/foobar.service.d/
2) put your overrides and *only* your overrides into

Or, starting with Stretch, you can just do "systemctl edit
foobar.service" and it will do the right thing for you.


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