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Re: A cumulative reply [Re: A minimal relational database in Debian?]

Richard Owlett writes:
> >
> >> A little research indicates that Tcl/Tk plays well with sqlite. A
> >> couple of years ago I started learning it for a now abandoned
> >> project. I'll follow up on that combo.
> >
> > Funny that you mention that: Sqlite's main author, D. Richard Hipp
> > has been also involved in Tcl/Tk development and there are many cross-
> > ties between both projects (Sqlite's (excellent) test suite is written
> > in Tcl, Tcl's repository is Fossil, written by... D. Richard Hipp,
> > and so on). They make for a strong team.

Years ago, I used shsql-antagonize the Google for it-which is an SQL
database implemented with the Unix text utilities as a shell script;
DBs are tab delimited flat text files. Good for light database needs,
(joins are a little slow,) and still seems supported.



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