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an answer plus minimal font size (was: A minimal relational database in Debian?

Richard Owlett wrote:

> The last time I needed a relational database my employer was using 
> dBaseII on a MS-DOS machine.
> What is a functional equivalent in the Debian repository?

  no idea.  i've used about a dozen different ones over
the years and even written parts of one.

  my guess is that for a very simple DB a flat file or
group of files is decent enough and you can grep or
awk or even use things like join and sort on those

$ man join 
$ man sort
$ man awk
$ man bash

  those four things should actually give you most of
what you'd need beyond a basic editor.

  for more complex situations i'd really just go with
Maria DB  and call it good enough.  it works, it isn't
hard to set up and then you don't have to keep reinventing
the wheel.

$ apt-cache show maria* | grep ackage:

> I looked at at LibreOffice Base. It was unusable as its "help" system 
> provided no intrinsic way to increase fonts to a legible size.

  i dunno, but i sure wish they'd honor the minimal font
size specified in the MATE setup.

  this is a consistent bitch of mine too.  i suppose it
would have helped had i filed an actual bug.  :)

  the alternative approach is to find the website on-line
and read the help via HTML browser which usually will 
honor a minimum font spec.