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Re: mdraid will no start at boot

Hi basti,

On Mon, Feb 27, 2017 at 10:21:51AM +0100, basti wrote:
> on one of my debian machine i have a error with one md raid.
> There are
> md0 => /
> md1 => /backup
> md2 => /samba
> md2 is not start/assemble after reboot,

I had a similar issue when I did not include the driver for some of
my devices (mpt3sas) in the initramfs:


There was much back and forth with Neil Brown (former md maintainer and
still developer) because my arrays still should have been assembled
as soon as userland was booted as then mpt3sas was loaded. i.e.
incremental assembly should have kicked in and assembled my arrays
as soon as loading mpt3sas made the devices visible.

Ultimately though it seems that Debian disables this incremental
assembly because of other problems:


So I have to stick with my workaround of loading mpt3sas in the

If your problem is not related to that, you'll probably find more
assistance by posting on linux-raid. As you can see, Neil put a lot
of effort into getting to the source of my issue there.


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