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Re: Security hole in LXDE?


I have never, not once, been able to run synaptic in any similar system
without a root or a sudo password.  Not to execute a command, just to
get the gui up you need a password.

I don't know whether creating a user with 100% admin privileges will
still require a pass or not, I suspect it would still.  As if you add a
user in the sudo group it is the user's pass that is asked.  So
something is wrong on your specific installation.

> Am Montag, 27. Februar 2017, 21:00:15 CET schrieb Davor Balder:
>> Hi Hans,
>> Question 1 which one: stable, testing or unstable?
> testing/amd64
>> Generally (to aid in your investigation):
> I did, but found nothing unusual. 
> If no one can confirm this, it is a problem on my system!
> Hans

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