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Re: USB3 Monitors

On Sat, 25 Feb 2017 20:56:39 -0500
Carl Fink <carlf@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Does anyone know whether Debian (or the kernel in general, I guess)
> supports USB3 monitors? A quick web search finds no mention of it, if

As far as I am aware, video-over-USB is "displaylink".  Including "displaylink" in your web search may provide results

> (I want to do this at least largely to get a
> super-low-power-consumption system. USB3 monitors use as little as 5
> watts when in active use and even less in standby.)

You may want to consider USB-powered monitors that use a more traditional video connection (such as HDMI).  I've been using a GeChic USB-powered HDMI monitor and I've been happy with it.  It pulls 2 amps off of USB.