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Re: "Invalid arch-independent ELF magic" in grub after SSD migration


Lucio Crusca wrote:
> I lack the skills to understand how grub (or the BIOS firmware if grub hands
> the task to it) could access SSD any different than HDD, given that, as far
> as I know, the SATA protocol is just the same.

Even more, all disk-like storage devices are operated via SCSI commands
independly of the bus technology. So with USB, SATA, PATA it's all the same.
A block written to Logical Block Address X should be retrievable from that
same address, however its data are stored pysically.

> Then I copied partition contents over with cp run in a live systemrescuecd,
> except /boot, /dev /proc and /sys. It more or less worked

It's easy to guess that /boot is the main suspect in this list.
But still no idea why a blockwise disk copy should not work when it comes
to identifying a program file as ELF format. Somehow GRUB must get to the
wrong file content.

Have a nice day :)