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Re: User Can Not Log In

Michael wrote:

"You say that you can log in as 
root....question: does the root login take you to a graphical desktop??"

Yes, it does. There is a menu icon in the upper left which offers:
Default Xsession
Xfce Session

I pick Xfce, but if I pick Fvwm. I get a desktop similar to Xfce and that may be the smoking gun. The Xfce desktop has 4 workspaces. The Fvwm desktop has 3 rows of 12 workspaces IIRC.

"Were it my system, I would simply delete all hidden files in 
/home/<user> with the command rm -r /home/<user>/.*, however, a very 
reasonable first gambit would be to rm -r /home/<user>/.config, and then 
the more comprehensive rm -r /home/<user>/.*.  In either case, you lose 
not actual data, just configuration/setup/preference information that 
has to be re-done."

In my case, .mozilla and .icedove were essential so that bookmarks and saved emails could be preserved.

 - Dan