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Non-interactive Reconfiguration of Exim4


I had a question regarding help with a non-interactive configuration for mail settings with exim4.

How can we perform noninteractive reconfiguration after the package is already installed?

I first tried debconf-set-selections and verified that the entries changed properly by inspecting debconf-get-selections. When I afterwards run dpkg-reconfigure -f noninteractive exim4-config, the changes I made are undone.

I then tried creating a debconf config file to pass in as an override as described in debconf(7).
At the command line, I tried running:
DEBCONF_DB_OVERRIDE='File {/path/to/config.dat}' dpkg-reconfigure -f noninteractive
And followed up by using:  debconf-get-selections | grep exim
However, the configuration for exim4/dc_eximconfig remains unchanged.

Thank you,
-Kellie Kim