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Re: "Invalid arch-independent ELF magic" in grub after SSD migration

tomas@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

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> On Fri, Feb 24, 2017 at 11:43:00AM +0100, Thomas Schmitt wrote:
>> Hi,
>> whatever merits the various address methods for partitions may have,
>> the GRUB message "invalid arch-independent ELF magic" is about a program
>> file and not about a partition.
> [...]
> Thanks, Thomas. Even-headed as always, and the most insightful
> contribution in this thread so-far :)

Usually grub-install helps. I assume the problem is due to different disk
architecture or precisely how the PC would access SDD - so might be
hardware vendor related. Are you sure it points to the same piece of data
or sector/block when giving control to grub loader? I vote for

In such a case I do boot from live usb stick, chroot and perform grub

Regarding the point mentioned above about UUID I should admit that uuid is
very helpful when assembling raid devices on a chasis with multiple disks
which get initialized randomly (you do not expect to have sdd or sdh for
the same drive after each boot. I found out it helps a lot. IT also helps
to have it in grub. It is not very human readable, but is also not that
much of overhead to find out which your uuid is pointing at.