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Re: Secure Boot won't let boot into Debian

pascal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>Le 24/02/2017 à 01:32, Steve McIntyre a écrit :
>> Alternatively, you may have booted the installer in BIOS/CSM mode, in
>> which case it might install but fail to install a boot loader at the
>> end of the process.
>Even if the boot loader is successfully installed, it would be a 
>BIOS/legacy bootloader, and the UEFI firmware usually gives higher 
>priority to EFI boot loaders, Windows Boot Manager here.

It depends on the system - many let you choose the order.

>  *Or* you have installed in UEFI mode, but the
>> firmware on your computer is just ignoring the Debian-installed boot
>> option. That's always possible on some bad UEFI implementations,
>> unfortunately.
>I have seen this too on a HP laptop. The workaround was to choose to 
>install GRUB in the "removable path" (that's what Windows do).

Nod. That's why I added extra support for that in Grub... :-)

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