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Re: Freeipa on Wheezy 7.11

On 02/17/2017 02:05 PM, Per Qvindesland wrote:
Hi All

Is there is an official way of installing freeipa-client on 7.11? judging from https://packages.qa.debian.org/f/freeipa.html then it looks like there is packages available, but I must admit I have no idea how to add that into /etc/apt/sources.list.

I am especially interested in packages for freeipa client 4.x


I am afraid you are out of luck. I have it on good authority that it will not even make Stretch because of some dependencies (Tomcat).

For now I'm using the Sid packages on Stretch for servers and Ubuntu Xenial packages on desktop clients. My FreeIpa server is running on a Xenial KVM on a Stretch server. :-)

I am still thinking about how to proceed at this point. No idea what I'm going to do. Fortunately, it's personal so it's not the end of the world. Just tedious mop up! And Single Sign On promises not kept.

Hope you have better luck,


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