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Re: Secure Boot won't let boot into Debian

On most Lenovo the boot menu is F12, see what this is telling you based
on what you have.  If F12 is not working, F11, or Fn according to this
should work
Do you have a live linux dvd/usb
Rescatux is relatively small and I believe is based on some Debian and
repairs boot problems, repair grub, MBR, issues.

But why sid of all things?  A more stable distribution that DOES boot
can easily be rolled over to testing and sid later.

If all fails format the drive and get rid of that stupid system it came
with :)

Rodolfo Medina:
> Hi all.
> I frehly installed Debian Sid in dual boot with Windows 10 on my brand new
> Lenovo desktop pc but it won't boot into Debian system I suspect because of the
> new Secure Boot policy.  I want to disable it but the problem is that there's
> no Secure Boot option anywhere in its Bios.  In fact, in the Security submenu,
> there are only the options for administrator and power-on password setting.
> What do you suggest me to do?
> Thanks for any help,
> Rodolfo

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