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Re: "Invalid arch-independent ELF magic" in grub after SSD migration

> among others "same UUID" (I know, I know), so no need to change fstab.

Yuck!  I recommend you stay away from UUIDs in your fstab.  Instead name
your partitions.  If you use LVM (which you should do anyway for all
kinds of other reasons) your volumes are already named anyway so there's
nothing special to do, and for those rare cases where you have to use
a "real partition" rather than an LVM volume, then label the

That gives you much more readable /etc/fstab entries, and that saves you
from having to worry about which operation preserves UUID and which
doesn't and when do you need to change the UUID and when you don't (and

Of course, you may say that I just traded managing UUIDs against
managing names, but in my experience it's simpler, more upfront, and
intuitive, so I'm never caught off-guard.