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Re: Secure Boot won't let boot into Debian

Eero Volotinen <eero.volotinen@xxxxxx> writes:

> UBuntu supports secure boot, if you cannot disable it from bios.
> Eero
> 2017-02-22 23:40 GMT+02:00 Rodolfo Medina <rodolfo.medina@xxxxxxxxx>:
>     Hi all.
>     I frehly installed Debian Sid in dual boot with Windows 10 on my brand
>     new Lenovo desktop pc but it won't boot into Debian system I suspect
>     because of the new Secure Boot policy. I want to disable it but the
>     problem is that there's no Secure Boot option anywhere in its Bios. In
>     fact, in the Security submenu, there are only the options for
>     administrator and power-on password setting.
>     What do you suggest me to do?

I installed Ubuntu but it won't boot into it either...