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Re: Attempt to run debootstrap

On Thursday 23 February 2017 06:10:44 tomas@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> On Thu, Feb 23, 2017 at 10:58:49AM +0000, Lisi Reisz wrote:
> > On Wednesday 22 February 2017 17:32:46 Richard Owlett wrote:
> > > Learn to love apt-get. I does some things more conveniently than a
> > > GUI can. YMMV ;!
> >
> > aptitude is great on the command line.  And does some things (but
> > not all) more conveniently than apt-get. Besides, it is NOT a GUI
> > application.  It can be run as a TUI. </plug>
> Most definitely. I use both: for search and show, I love aptitude
> (perhaps some familiarity factor). For install/remove I use apt-get:
> its more simple-minded resolution algorithm is essential to cope
> with the Frankendebian horror shows I tend to throw at it (aptitude
> tends to ponder for a while and proposes to rip out 3/4 of that
> mess :-)

Unfortunately, for me aptitude has elected to rip out something like 272 
packages too many times, some of which were the heart of the os. I let 
it do it once on a machine I could afford to lose.  I had to reinstall. 
Its caused me to do 3 re-installs, so I might look at what it says, but 
then I reboot the machine from another terminal because one of those 
re-installs was caused by a simple q for quit, but it just had to "fix" 
things before it would quit. By the time I could get to the hdwe reset 
button it was too late and after the re-install another day or so 
getting all my data restored via my amanda backups. The point is that 
aptitude did NOT show me what it was about to do until it was doing it.

So I am very cautious about telling aptitude to do _anything_ that would 
cause a disk write other that a refresh from the servers.

> So love to both. And they regularly grow features seen on the other.
> regards
> -- t

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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