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Re: Attempt to run debootstrap

On 02/22/2017 10:14 AM, Cindy-Sue Causey wrote:
On 2/22/17, Eduardo M KALINOWSKI <eduardo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Qua, 22 Fev 2017, Richard Owlett wrote:

I wish to use debootstrap to make a minimal but functional install of
Debian to /dev/sda9.

It did not create a line on the boot menu to run the Debian on
/dev/sda9 .

Nor it is expected that it would.

What Eduardo says... If you've never run debootstrap before, it is
absolute bottom dollar, bottom shelf. Very little comes with.
Eduardo's next step, which I've never had to do manually but can
understand the process, will help get it recognized.

Specifying a valid package name got be a lot farther.
I now get useful error messages.
He had snipped my first paragraph where I said that the machine in question has no internet connectivity and am using set of physical install DVDs.

As reference [4] says "...your new system has no kernel installed and
is also missing ..." The instructions it gives are not
suitable for my environment.

Can someone recommend a reference that covers my circumstances?

chroot to the new install and install a kernel normally (apt-get
install linux-image-amd64 or similar).

Install os-prober if don't already have it in the main system (the one
that houses grub), then update-grub should find the new OS.

My installed grub has everything. I routinely have multiple instances of Debian on my machine. The underlying motivation for doing things the hard/inconvenient way is educational.

If your new OS is still not recognized for any reason, the shortcut
(until further debugging) would be to add a line to your
/etc/grub.d/40_custom file.

BUT because you're adding this to a partition, that shouldn't be
necessary. update-grub should find it once Eduardo's suggestion is
followed. I just did a quick check on mine, and os-prober is already
in there for mine without conscious intervention (but the experience
for others may vary).

This all will come from whatever debootstrap installation step tells
you to "apt-cache search linux-image" to find the linux-image that
matches your chosen release.

For those who haven't tried debootstrap yet and are possibly cringing
at apt-get, that command line interface method *is* about all you have
at that point because other (GUI) packages such as aptitude and
synaptic are not yet installed until you do so manually.

Learn to love apt-get. I does some things more conveniently than a GUI can. YMMV ;!

AND... those STILL will not work until you've gone through the steps
of choosing and installing a desktop environment/login manager, server
initiali(s/z)ation tool, yada-yada. You get to learn all kinds of new
terms. The entire experience can take several days if you're running
on dialup access with no in-house/onsite repository.....

debootstrap... Feel The Power! :)

Cindy :)

Seeing your name had reminded me you had recommended Appendix D. 3 of the Installation Manual ~2 years ago. I wasn't ready for it then. In the first page it is covering the specific problems/opportunities I'm currently facing :}