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Re: Attempt to run debootstrap

On 02/22/2017 08:31 AM, Eduardo M KALINOWSKI wrote:
On Qua, 22 Fev 2017, Richard Owlett wrote:

I wish to use debootstrap to make a minimal but functional install of
Debian to /dev/sda9.

It did not create a line on the boot menu to run the Debian on
/dev/sda9 .

Nor it is expected that it would.
I *had* expected it until I saw [4]. <grin> or possibly <groan> ;/
I can see nothing in either
indicating that was not a proper assumption. Yes the second makes use of chroot but is not clear to a new user the reason the author found it convenient.

As reference [4] says "...your new system has no kernel installed and
is also missing ..." The instructions it gives are not
suitable for my environment.

Can someone recommend a reference that covers my circumstances?

chroot to the new install and install a kernel normally (apt-get install
linux-image-amd64 or similar).

That got me pointed in the right direction. In my case I want
linux-image-686-pae to match my existing system.

I'm in process of chasing down changes needed to reference local DVD rather than the ftp site.

Install os-prober if don't already have it in the main system (the one
that houses grub), then update-grub should find the new OS.

os-prober is installed and functioning on the existing systems. As part of my self-educations and trouble shooting I've had as many as 4 instances of Debian on my hard drive at one time.

Thank you.