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Re: "Invalid arch-independent ELF magic" in grub after SSD migration

Try using clonezilla: http://clonezilla.org/


2017-02-22 15:26 GMT+02:00 Lucio Crusca <lucio@xxxxxxxxxx>:
Il 22/02/2017 09:18, Lucio Crusca ha scritto:
the following command to copy the disk contents:

dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb status=progress bs=4K

P.S. I've just tried cloning again with the SSD in the notebook and the HDD in the external USB/SATA adapter, this time booting Ubuntu from USB instead of CD media. This time the command was

dd if=/dev/sdc of=/dev/sda status=progress bs=4K

Before rebooting I checked that the first ~400MB of data had been correctly copied with these commands:

dd if=/dev/sdc of=./test1 bs=4K count=102400
dd if=/dev/sda of=./test2 bs=4K count=102400
cmp test1 test2

and I got no output from cmp, that means the two files are equal. Upon rebooting I got the same error again.