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Re: Using source packages to bring some programs up to latest version

On Mon, Feb 20, 2017 at 10:52:37PM +0000, Jonathan Dowland wrote:
> The best way to achieve this is to use backports, if one exists for the
> packages you are interested in.
> Failing that, it's possible that the version of the package in testing or
> unstable can be installed on your stable system without pulling in any (or too
> many) dependencies from outside stable.

No, stop.  The second step if there is not already a backport is to try
to backport it yourself.  Maybe ask judd in IRC first, whether a backport
is believed to be *possible*.  Sometimes the bot is wrong, but it's a
starting point.  If judd thinks all the dependencies are satisfiable,
then you can try the backport.

If a backport isn't possible, I would actually prefer to build the package
normally from upstream source code (./configure; make; sudo make install)
than to install a binary from testing/unstable onto stable.