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Re: Error when compiling drivers for Asus PEB-10G/57811-1S

Leslie Rhorer wrote:

> [ 20.327836] bnx2x 0000:07:00.0: firmware: failed to load
> [ bnx2x/bnx2x-e2- (-2) 20.327840] bnx2x 0000:07:00.0: Direct
> [ firmware load failed with error -2 20.327842] bnx2x 0000:07:00.0:
> [ Falling back to user helper 20.328247] bnx2x:
> [ [bnx2x_func_hw_init:5506(eth3)]Error loading firmware 20.328252] bnx2x:
> [ [bnx2x_nic_load:2685(eth3)]HW init failed, aborting

You need to upload the firware that suits your kernel - you either got older
or newer firmware. I won't expect it to work, or at least not in 10G
If you have custom kernel, it would explain the pain. try the native debian
kernel with the native firmware - I don't know if such is available, but if
card is supported it should be.
I prefer using custom kernel and download firmware from the support sites.