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Re: Did I blow my processor?

Dennis Wicks composed on 2017-02-20 15:00 (UTC-0600):

I built myself another computer and it wouldn't boot up. No
messages or anything. I finally discovered that I missed
plugging in the 12V power to the MoBo.
I've done that many times while building, replacing or troubleshooting. You can't hurt a CPU by not giving it any power.

I did that and it
still won't boot up, and still no messages diaplayed on the
screen or any other indication of life.

Have I ruined my processor turning the system on with out
the 12V attached? (This is the four wires from the power
supply that plug into the mobo right next to the processor,
for those that may not be familiar with installing stuff.)

What have you done to prove your power supply isn't bad? New ones can be DOA. Did you install 100% compatible RAM? Did you try installing only one RAM stick, or leaving all unnecessary devices (if there is onboard video, the gfxcard; HD; DVD reader; accessory USB ports; speakers; etc.) disconnected? Are you sure the CPU is fully compatible with the motherboard's firmware/BIOS/chipset (just because it fits the socket is no guarantee it will work)?
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