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Re: Error when compiling drivers for Asus PEB-10G/57811-1S

On Sun, Feb 19, 2017 at 03:54:32AM -0800, Leslie Rhorer wrote:
> I purchased a couple of Asus PEB-10G/57811-1S 10G LAN adapters.  I am not finding any pre-built binaries nor a .deb reporitory for these cards, so I am attempting t o compile from scratch, but I get the following error during the make operation:
> Backup/Server-Main/Temp/netxtreme2-7.10.42/bnx2-2.710.30/src/bnx2.c: In function ‘bnx2_rx_int’:
> /Backup/Server-Main/Temp/netxtreme2-7.10.42/bnx2-2.710.30/src/bnx2.c:3753:7: error: ‘struct sk_buff’ has no member named ‘rxhash’
>     skb->rxhash = rx_hdr->l2_fhdr_hash;
>        ^
> /usr/src/linux-headers-3.16.0-4-common/scripts/Makefile.build:268: recipe for target '/Backup/Server-Main/Temp/netxtreme2-7.10.42/bnx2-2.710.30/src/bnx2.o' failed
> Does anyone have an ideas?  Are there any pre-built drivers for these cards for Debian Jessie?

As others on this thread have hinted, possibly less than completely 
clearly, this card is supported by the kernel and IF your particular 
kernel was built with support turned on, THEN all you should need is the 
firmware which is provided by a package deloptes pointed out.

I just checked in the stock Jessie kernel I am running, support for the 
BNX2 is included as a module. Assuming you are also using the stock 
Jessie kernel you get when you install Jessie (tell us if otherwise), 
you should have it as a module too. In that case, on detecting your 
hardware, if the hardware is healthy, udev should have automatically 
loaded the driver. So if you also install the firmware as deloptes 
pointed out, you should at least get the length of a functioning network 
card. Which is different from a functioning network connection you can 
actually use.

If you previously had another card installed, and that card is still 
present, you may have some futzing around to do to persuade the machine 
to bring up the new card and have it connect to the network. Let us know 
if that is so.

In the meantime, assuming you are using a stock kernel and not one you 
built yourself or had someone build for you, and assuming you have 
installed the firmware deloptes mentioned, what is the output of:

$ ip link