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Re: Matrox Meteor frame grabber.

On Sat, Feb 18, 2017 at 09:23:11PM -0800, peter@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> There is an old Matrox Meteor PCI card here.
> http://easthope.ca/MatroxMeteor.jpg 
> As I understand, a frame grabber or video tuner.  
> The connector on the lower left in the photo accepts an RCA plug.  The 
> connector immediately above that is S video.  The next above is a 3.5 
> mm TRS socket.  Audio? The connector on the shielding box is similar 
> to RCA but smaller.  Any ideas about that?  
> Which of these is input and which is output?

All of them are input.

> Can Debian display composite video using this card?  Which packages are 
> needed?

This is an input-only card, and while it was very good when it
was introduced, it is absolutely lousy by today's standards. No 
driver for it has been seen since 2005.

Hardware has become much cheaper and more powerful since then.
You can buy a used device that can handle NTSC and ATSC (HD) 
video for $30 or so -- and will have support.

To see the kernel docs on supported devices, look at